Lesson 43

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
In this lesson we look at superstition and the actions connected to it.

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  • Anjella Kalandarova
    by Anjella Kalandarova 8 years ago
    Good video interesting!!!
  • lets talk in english
    by lets talk in english 8 years ago
    very good lesson, thanks
  • Nus Smart s
    by Nus Smart s 8 years ago
    This great video for everyone..i have watched it many times because of interested in learning English..i hope that they get the benefit from this video..
  • Nus Smart s
    by Nus Smart s 8 years ago
    Do we allowed to contribute some videos to this website...The videos which i would like to share is exactly fantastic to be watched for everyone especially the one who is really interested in learning English...
  • Zorge Sharav
    by Zorge Sharav 8 years ago
    Hi Nus You can upload or embed video in this web site. Please read following instruction http://www.lets-talk-in-english.com/magazine/read/how-to-add-video-in-this-web-site_6.html If you want to embed video, it is only possible from youtube.com, daylimotion.com, vimeo.com. Good Luck
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