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Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation! What makes you angry? This is what some people in London told us. Join the conversation at

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  • aziz alnageeb
    by aziz alnageeb 5 years ago
    every un likely action makes people angry
  • aziz alnageeb
    by aziz alnageeb 5 years ago
    And it never realy means anything would you explain
  • aziz alnageeb
    by aziz alnageeb 5 years ago
    There is not mush that makes me angry please explain and how and i use this
  • venkat reddy
    by venkat reddy 5 years ago
    Something goes wrong very often. traffic on the roads moving without following rules.When miss something.
  • Charito Coronel
    by Charito Coronel 5 years ago
    i am almost late with my appointment and on my way I was trap with a heavy traffic. This really made me mad.....
  • Abdullah khan
    by Abdullah khan 5 years ago
    if i got late by someone else make me angry a lot
  • Hang Nguyen
    by Hang Nguyen 3 years ago
    Everything is not fix my ideal that makes me angry
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