Hazem Osrof

Hazem Osrof

35 years old
March 04, 1983
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Palestinian Territory, Occupied
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while i'm thinking ....
  • Description: Tell us something about yourself - your interests, why you are learning English, etc. Write in English. (Do not write your email address or other contact information.)
    I am an ambitious man. I hate routine, but i love innovation. I like traveling and doing exciting things. in fact, i am learning English for many reasons such as getting a new language, knowing new people and cultures, and helping me in my work.
    What do you do?
    i am working as a Projects Coordinator.
    What is the level of your English?


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  • Ahoo ....
    by Ahoo .... 6 years ago
    Thank you so much dear Hazem...I hope could be helpful till now :)
  • Neda B
    by Neda B 6 years ago
    Happy Eid to you, my FRIEND who is far from me....
  • Hazem Osrof
    by Hazem Osrof 6 years ago
    even i knew it before, but still appreciated :) waiting 4 more...!
  • Ahoo ....
    by Ahoo .... 6 years ago
    Try this site for TOEFL tests..I found it useful :)
  • nesma ahmed
    by nesma ahmed 6 years ago
    thank you for adding me as a friend and hope to help each other
    hope the best for you
  • Hazem Osrof
    by Hazem Osrof 7 years ago
    thanx sister Eman Nasr ^_____^, it is my honor to be!!
  • eman nasr
    by eman nasr 7 years ago
    i feel that you're are a great friend for me :)
  • Shagy R
    by Shagy R 7 years ago
    Hi bro..am alive n kicking:D....what abt u?...am always here...but almost busy;)..of course not 4 u bro...wish c u soon...

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