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Zorge Sharav

37 years old
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If you want to talk with me, please come on http://www.english-maestro.mn/VideoChat/client/demos/simple/
  • Description: Tell us something about yourself - your interests, why you are learning English, etc. Write in English. (Do not write your email address or other contact information.)
    For me, English is an access to information and knowledge.
    What do you do?
    I work for a mobile operator company as an economist.
    What is the level of your English?




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I'm an owner of this site and any form of cooperation is welcome.


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  • sicko kk
    by sicko kk 2 months ago
    Why thank you for this info on you, your profile is very colourful actually, this means me question that if you would be interested in essay on time work? I really think you guys would love it!
  • akhtar  hussain
    by akhtar hussain 3 months ago
    add me in your whats app pls 00923006003919
    by SUNIL KUMAR 4 years ago
    when will this website appeared chat dialogue box
  • Rekha @5
    by Rekha @5 4 years ago
  • Pouya Ahmadi
    by Pouya Ahmadi 4 years ago
    thanks a lot for your guide
  • Mohd Saim
    by Mohd Saim 4 years ago
    Thank you...Sir! for liking my blogs
  • behnam rajabi
    by behnam rajabi 4 years ago
    hi mmr zorge ths for your opinion
    no this is my cousin picture
  • Love  You
    by Love You 4 years ago
    this is izha and i really upset about latest wall by impulse spur he is abused all the muslims religion u should block that member coz he had creat a bad environment here please coz their are a lots of muslims in this site so please accepted my request...
  • Ubaid e Raza
    by Ubaid e Raza 4 years ago
    Sir , I am really surprised to see your bulleton about "way of expressing".its unbelievable for me.
    Bundles of thanx sir
  • Shirin 1801
    by Shirin 1801 4 years ago
    I don't know what is happening to this site...what I know is that people r not the same I knew b4...we weren't like this with each other when I used to come...I know cosmicman more than any other members here...maybe he became friends with many girls here...but I'm sure he had never played with any of them...I think that's unfair what u r doing with him....u wanted he leave...now he left...what else???what did u get from that???I'm so sorry 4 the people who r so cheap n narrow minded...n moreover , I didn't expect Mr. Zorge to react like this ... he should knows his sincere members .... n I don't think he should react just by someone's wrong thought !!!!!!

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