You are awesome

Published by: AAKASH singh on 10th Feb 2015 | View all blogs by AAKASH singh

Yes, I am talking to you. You are awesome. Why are you looking at me with such facial expression. Don't you believe.

Then start believing, because you have only one life to live. You can not waste it without being awesome.

There are two quotes, I believe in.

1st is- More you sweat in practice, less u bleed in war.

2nd is- Goals without plans are dreams.

So, get up, come out of your comfort zone, and conquer the world.

Have an awesome life.




  • sam re
    by sam re 3 years ago
    falling in love is awesome, making people smile and laugh is awesome, Learning is awesome, dreaming is awesome too
  • AAKASH singh
    by AAKASH singh 3 years ago
    of course they are... :D
  • Fresh  Kid.
    by Fresh Kid. 3 years ago
    Nice attitude ! Have a awesome life too . Love yourself and treat yourself with RESPECT.
    ALWAYS BELIEVE in yourself. You are a winner and you can show the world what a winner looks like. Exhibit your beautiful and unique personality with CONFIDENCE. Hahaa. And I'll listen to you and "I'll conquer the world". Have a great weekend.
    by ALEX TURIHIO 3 years ago
    Thanks, seen
  • AAKASH singh
    by AAKASH singh 3 years ago
    Fresh kid- All the best and thank u
  • AAKASH singh
    by AAKASH singh 3 years ago
    Alex- thanks to you too for responding.
    by YUMM YUMM 3 years ago
    we are all just fooling ourselves into believing we are good people
  • AAKASH singh
    by AAKASH singh 3 years ago
    If the results are positive, then it is good to be fool.
  • Engr Safayet H Sohag
    by Engr Safayet H Sohag 3 years ago
    so nice status.........
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