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Published by: Rosy Vivv on 2nd Nov 2015 | View all blogs by Rosy Vivv


i wonder if I'll be able to arrive to another country as au pair. I heard much different opinions about it and i have mixed fellings on that. I not sure if i am able to leave my home, family and friends and go alone. Does anyone of you were in similar situation? did you work as au pair ? Please give me some advice, it really means to me and ill be gratefull :)



  • sam re
    by sam re 2 years ago
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  • fabiana Maria silva
    by fabiana Maria silva 2 years ago
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  • vacil medeiros
    by vacil medeiros 2 years ago
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  • Salena Jenner
    by Salena Jenner 1 year ago
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    by Atwood Aubrey 1 year ago
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  • ella scott
    by ella scott 6 months ago
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