What is life

Published by: Faizan Ellahi on 23rd Oct 2014 | View all blogs by Faizan Ellahi

What is life?

Some times, we are not able to understand the purpose of life. Even, thousand of people spent their whole life but they didn’t find the purpose of life.

Mostly people spent their life beneath the responsibility and they think to serve and to fulfill the responsibility of family is life


For some one life is the existence of those people who made them happy.


Either to give happiness to someone is life or to get happiness for own self is life.


Either to do love with some one is life or to become a lover of some one is life.


Let me discuss the life.



It will not wrong if we say, life is the mixture of little sadness and little happiness with the period of time when man continue journey towards his destination and slowly slowly become old and old the perception is changed and variation in thinking comes dislikes change into likes and likes change into dislikes old relation end when new relation come in life gathering is changed when place is change even the taste of tongue is changed when perception is changed. business is changed when people is changed this is tje phenomena of life made smile on some one's face is life getting satisfaction after the help of some one is life let freedom to live life of some'$ actually life is and for me my life is hidden in the happiness of my mother and smile.



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