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Published by: YUMM YUMM on 28th Feb 2015 | View all blogs by YUMM YUMM

quite often people ask what the meaning of life is,

maybe most of us at least once in our lives. i

had strangely never asked myself this question

until i heard or read it somewhere for the first time

when i was a little younger, and i can remember

that it got me thinking, and i realized that theres

a whole lot more to this question, maybe thats

the reason why its so well known. but i figured

out for myself that maybe this question cant just

be answered, suggesting that the answer would

apply to every single human being on earth,

its way to complex to be just that simple.

arguably one of the most discussed questions

ever, for real. but maybe since we are all so different

, we have different interests, characteristics etc,

its safe to say that every single one of us is unique,

maybe therefore it just cant be answered in general terms,

unless you reduce the extent of the answer

to the point where it can actually apply to everyone

and i mean EVERYone. and in my eyes that answer would

be the act of living itself, the mere act of living,

(or in other words the meaning of life is to LIVE), plain and simple

. the answere cant be more detailed without generalizing people.

and for those who arent satisfied with that answer yet,

i can gladly tell you that the rest of the answer is up to you,

 everyone has to find out the meaning of life for themselves, for their lives.


thanks for reading, in case you found any grammatical errors

or spelling mistakes throughout the text, pls let me know. TY


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