Life of a Software Engineer

Published by: Mohd Saim on 21st Dec 2014 | View all blogs by Mohd Saim

Life of a Software Engineer

Pays damn good. Life Sucks!….Software Engineer

I’m a software engineer writing this so that someone can learn from my experience.

I graduated in 2000 and got two technical degrees from one of the most “esteemed” universities in India.(I would not be able to answer even the most basic questions if asked a question on the subject of either of my degrees. This might sound stupid but you wont believe the number of people who are like me!!!) I got my first job in the US of A. And my first car is something I only previously saw in american movies.

I work in a major communication systems deveopment company and spend my life sitting in front of a computer screen ( mostly thinking “What the hell am I doing here???”. ).

I have been working only for a year now and already I feel I’ve burnt out. The work that I do is really interesting as far as software engineering goes.The field is in embedded system developement. Real systems work. You also get to work on real life problems which affect millions of users worldwide and problems which most computer developers would kill to be working on.

You work with new technology and even have a sense of accomplishment that your work is really being used by people. The work culture ensures that you get the sole credit for any work that you do.

The Good points of my job:

1. Good pay.

2. Intellectually stimulating.

3. Not something anyone can do!

The bad:

1. NO women!

2. No or minimum contact with people.

2. LONG hours in the office.

3. Lots of stress.

4. No social life.

5. Radiation burns from the monitors. 

Guys at college: (esp in India)… MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING! THINK about what you REALLY want to do in life!Its not a joke. And usually in India you dont have a choice. Its YOUR life… dont let anyone else (even parents) make this decision for you.

I am seriously thinking of changing my career. Unfortunately I dont know what I would love to do. And the things that I do love …people would not pay me to do   . 

I’m searching alternatives right now. Lets see what happens.

I had previously thought that I’d make a million and retire by 25… (yes I said 25). That was possible in my field maybe a year ago but not now and probably not for the next two/three years. And I cant waste those precious years.

In five I years I want see my self on a place with tropical beaches. The same for when I’m thirty… doing something I really love.

Umm enough … I think I’ve bored you enough.



  • sam re
    by sam re 3 years ago
    Nice Story... It seems that you spend all day and night long in front of computer screen....I think you have free hours a day is addition to weekends so that you can leave screens and search for a life and women : lol @ no women.... Thank God that you are employed and have a good job... think of the millions who have no jobs and live in misery.. this is the legacy of life: work, work and work... but still you can have some fun :)
  • AtoZ 123
    by AtoZ 123 3 years ago
    your story make me afraid, but I'm going to chose this field and I enjoy my work. I feel pleasure in it :p
  • Zorge Sharav
    by Zorge Sharav 3 years ago
    Hi. I love your story. Don't give up.
    Can you share with us what do you love to to do? Who knows we might suggest you some good idea
  • Nari B
    by Nari B 3 years ago
    Superb, This is fact.
  • Saeid Saber
    by Saeid Saber 3 years ago
    It was a nice story.
    I feel like you with my life and business.
    I think it would be better if I paid more attention to myself then my business when there was more time to have a good decision.
  • sosa a
    by sosa a 3 years ago
    nice story but i think your field of work is so interesting and wouldn't get these pleasure and creativity in any field else so i advice you don't give up especially these work as you said no more people can do it with efficiency so you can alternatively allocates some time for enjoy or going out abroad or made your hobbies or any personal things that you love to do
    am already changed my career and going to work as a software engineer but i still studying now so i see its the most interesting work and not traditional or boring like most work
  • Marlon Bermudez
    by Marlon Bermudez 2 years ago
    You're a Software Engineer but doesn't know anything about your work and the company pays you so much. Nice! I hope we could also have same job.
  • Atwood Aubrey
    by Atwood Aubrey 1 year ago
    Thank you mate for sharing about the Life of a Software Engineer at best resume service. I totally agree, my friend is a software engineer and this is exactly how his life is. Not a fan of this life though
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