How to Learn English Well

Published by: Saiful Alam on 8th Jan 2016 | View all blogs by Saiful Alam

How to Learn English Well

 English is an international language. However, learning a language is not an easy matter. But, it would be easier for us, if we try to improve the four skills of any language. The four skills are as:  listening, speaking, reading and writing. Actually, there are two ways to acquire a language. One is called acquisition and the other is named learning. First, if a person wants to improve in listening skill, he needs to be a careful listener. He can also listen to the B.B.C radio news and can enjoy other programmes in English. Gradually, his listening skill will be developed. Secondly, speaking is the most important skill of all. To improve the skill, we must converse in English as much as possible. There is no other way out to master the skill but to practise speaking. We should not be much worried about our mistakes while speaking. Thirdly, reading is the third skill. We can be successful in the skill only by reading a great number of books in English. One can read short stories, English newspapers, English grammar books by the English and so on. Finally, writing is last essential language skill. To be good at writing, we must write regularly and for this, we can choose any topic. Although it is difficult to be a good writer, only rigorous practice may help us in this regard. Thus, we can both acquire and learn English well.    






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