Dos And Don’ts Of College Application

Published by: Wendell Zepp on 1st Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Wendell Zepp

The college application can stand between you and your college slot, but if you learn the techniques of filling the application right you have nothing to worry. You can eve check the help you can get from before you start writing your application.

For starters, you should ensure that you have read the instructions as required. The main one should be to adhere to the word count that you are given. Don’t rush the application because you will miss some sections, and skipping them will mean a disqualification. Your application should be completed within a given deadline and you should pay attention to it. avoid procrastination. Take your time but be alert at all times when working on your application. Proof read your work to ensure that it doesn’t have grammatical mistakes. It’s your application and therefore you shouldn’t allow your parents to work on it. Maintain clean social media accounts because you never know when the admission team will want to confirm your application information.

Work on the other areas of your application which are preparing your financial documents, arranging for the preparation and the sending of recommendation letters and any admission tests that you may be required to do.



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