Confusing Words & False Friends (A)

Published by: sam re on 5th Feb 2014 | View all blogs by sam re

Those are the similar-looking words but are used in a different way or have a different meaning:

1- action/activity:

action > the process of doing something to achieve an aim/ activity > a condition in which things are happening or being done.

  • The police took immediate action when they realised the situation was getting out of hand.
  • The police are now monitoring criminal activity in the area.
2-  advice/advise:
  • Take my advice and sell that old car.
  • She strongly advised me to sell my old car.
3-  affect/effect:
  •   The strike will seriously affect train services.
  •    The strike will have a serious effect on train services.
4- appreciable/appreciative:

appreciable > large or important enough to be noticed /       appreciative >  feeling or showing  gratitude or pleasure
  • There doesn't seem to be any appreciable difference between this piece and that one.  
  • The lady was very appreciative after we helped her change her flat tire.
5- assumption/presumption

assume > suppose to be the case, without proof /
> suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability; take for granted that something exists or is the case. 

  •   Many scientific assumptions about Mars were wrong.
  •   The trial was unfair from the beginning because there was no presumption of innocence.
6- avoid/prevent:

avoid > keep away  from  /  prevent > keep from happening

  •    He tried hard to avoid accidents.   
  •   She grabbed my arm to prevent me from falling.  



  • Jane Doe
    by Jane Doe 4 years ago
    desert, dessert

    desert, to leave someone stranded...dessert, a sweet food after dinner (both sound the same when pronounced)
  • sam re
    by sam re 4 years ago
    ok Amy, I will include desert and dessert wnen I come to false friends (D)...thank you
  • hakima sousou
    by hakima sousou 4 years ago
  • Atwood Aubrey
    by Atwood Aubrey 1 year ago
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