migrate, emigrate, immigrate

Published by: sam re on 17th Jan 2015 | View all blogs by sam re
migrate:  means to make such a move either once or repeatedly;  it is applied to both people and animals:

-The family migrated from Ireland to the United States.

- Ducks migrate every fall

emigrate:  used of persons only,  generally means to leave one's native country and take up permanent residence in another:

-Many people had to emigrate from Europe during the Nazi period.

-Each year many people emigrate from Europe.

immigrate:  used of persons only,  generally means to enter and settle in a country that is not one's own:

-They decided to immigrate to Australia.

-After the discovery of America, many people immigrated (went into America) in search of a better life.




  • abdelghader fall
    by abdelghader fall 3 years ago
    thank you ( sam re) for this lesson , it was so usefully
  • sheeba ps
    by sheeba ps 3 years ago
    nice it is
  • Saeid Saber
    by Saeid Saber 3 years ago
    Could you pls tell me what does it mean "take up" here?
    Is that a phrasal verb like which used for plane?
  • sam re
    by sam re 3 years ago
    '' take up'' is a phrasal verb and it simply means ''start a new thing''........
    '' take off'' we use that phrasal verb to mean when the plane departs or leaves the ground..
  • phạm sơn
    by phạm sơn 3 years ago
  • William John
    by William John 1 year ago
    You are here with useful information.I learned a lot from your site. I think this is like a cheap essay in price and given very valuable knowledge between the three words that was seen as same.
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