Oct 3rd

Importance of English Language.

By Earl Rosen

Reasons why learning English is so important.

  1. I agreed that English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in a large number of countries.It is estimated that almost 2 billion people in the world communicate in English language on daily basis
  2. English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global workforce, research from all over the world shows that cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English. Its importance in the global market place therefore cannot be understated, learning English really can change your life.
  3. Many of the world’s top films, books and music are published and produced in English. Therefore by learning English you will have access to a great wealth of entertainment and will be able to have a greater cultural understanding.
  4. Most of the content produced on the internet (50%) is in English. So knowing English will allow you access to an incredible amount of information which may not be otherwise available! Although learning English can be challenging and time consuming, we can see that it is also very valuable to learn and can create many opportunities.
  5. Technology helps to enhance our skills and wise guys utilize their precious time to gain education by using online education systems. Its become the most favorite technology around the world.