Dec 27th

US losing ground to India and China

By matrix matrix
 The US is fast losing ground to countries like India and China in the fields of science and mathematics, US President Barack Obama has said.
Obama expressed his worry about the lack of emphasis on encouraging students in mathematics, science and engineering at a town hall meeting at Atkinson, wrapping up his three-day bus tour to rural America on Wednesday.
"One of the things I'm worried about and we're trying to put a lot of emphasis on in the Department of Education is, can we do more to encourage math, science, engineering, technology learning... if you are a skilled engineer, if you are a skilled computer scientist, if you've got strong math and technical skills, you are going to be very employable in today's economy," Obama said.
"That has to start even before young people get to college. So we're trying to institute a whole -- what's called a STEM program -- science, technology, engineering and math -- in the lower schools so that kids start getting oriented towards those fields," he said.
The US president said that these areas are ones in which  America has traditionally had a comparative advantage, but "we're losing ground to China and India" where students are more focused on those subjects.
"I will tell you, though, just in case there are any French teachers here or foreign language teachers, having a foreign language, that's important, too.
"That makes you so much more employable because if you go to a company and they're doing business in France or Belgium or Switzerland or Europe somewhere, and they find out you've got that language skill, that's going to be important as well," he said.

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Dec 14th

The Six Life Benefits of Happiness

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The field of positive psychology is providing very strong evidence that happiness brings us highly desirable life benefits, such as better health, longer life, successful relationships, and more. Though in some studies the cause/effect relationship can be questioned, the strong correlation between happiness and life benefits is irrefutable. They are related.

Happiness Feels Good

We strive for happiness in our lives because it feels so good to be happy. We all clearly understand the meaning of the word happiness. It is not ambiguous. Unlike the comedic line that, "Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, or fattening," the absolutely great news about happiness is that everything it brings with it is good for us.

Better Health

  • In one study, over 2,200 Mexican-Americans aged 65 and over were tested for positive emotion, another way of indicating happiness, and then tracked for two years. After controlling for other variables, researchers found that happy people were 50% more likely to live and 50% less likely to become disabled.
  • Happy people are more likely to have stronger immune systems, researchers find.
  • Studies show that happy people endure pain better than unhappy people

Longer Life

  • A Mayo Clinic study found that optimists (a characteristic of happy people) live longer than pessimists.
  • A famous study of the writing of nearly 180 nuns found that 90% of those with inherent positive emotions in their writing lived to age 85 or beyond. And 54% lived to age 94. In contrast, only 34% of the less cheerful nuns were alive at age 85, and only 11% lived to age 94.

Successful Relationships

  • In a study of 222 college students, the 10 percent measuring happiest differed from the remaining students in one primary way: they had a rich and fulfilling social life. They were also rated the highest on good relationships by their friends.
  • Psychologist David Myers indicates "there are few stronger predictions of happiness than a close, nurturing, equitable, intimate, lifelong companionship with one's best friend."
  • A 1990s study of 141 senior class photographs from the 1960 yearbook of Mills College examined the nature of smiles in the photos: genuine smiles, the so-called Duchenne smile, versus a forced photo-smile. Researchers found that genuine smilers were more likely to be married, to stay married, and to experience more personal well being.

Success in Work

  • Happier people are more satisfied with their jobs than less happy people. It is clear that more happiness causes higher job productivity. More happiness causes higher income; a study of 272 workers over 18 months showed that the happier people got better job evaluations and higher pay.
  • We need to work to be happy. Psychologists find that our culture builds in an aversion to work as a negative experience, but in reality we have more pleasant and fulfilling (flow) experiences at work than at home.

Better Mental Health

  • Studies indicate happier people have less depression, less suicide, and less paranoia than unhappy people, as well as greater self control and coping skills.

Beliefs May be an Obstacle to Happiness

It turns out that the core beliefs we hold in our subconscious minds may be an obstacle to the happiness we seek.Core beliefs that hold us back are also called self-limiting beliefs, and scientists know these can be the source of much unhappiness, fear, anxiety, and inability to achieve goals. For more information, see the Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs channel and be sure to ask questions and join in the discussions to reap the most benefit.



Nov 25th

A birthday poem for myself

By matrix matrix

God thank you for this beautiful day.

I know you’ll make it perfect in everyway.

This day is very special to me.

For this is the day I was born you see.

You placed me on earth for a purpose I know.

And for that Lord I especially love you so.

I found you Lord as You knew I would.

I try everyday to put you first like I know I should. 

There are things that are truly troubling me and I ask Lord if you could carry this for me.

I ask for forgiveness for the wrong deeds I done.

And Lord bless me and my family and all my friends I love.

Lord I know you work miracles from heaven above.

Happy Birthday to me, another day has come and gone.

But with each year passing, I grow as a person and become strong.

Thank you Lord for being there for me.

Because if I put you first, everything works out you see.

Aug 8th

Happy Eid-ul-Fitr To All My Friends!!!

By Mohd Saim

May this year’s Eid give you,

All the happiness and,

Joy of this world and,

Hope that the blessing,

Of the AL-Mighty be with you,

Look Outside

Its so pleasant!

Sun Smiling For you

Trees Dancing for you

Birds singing for you

Because I requested them All to wish You

             “Happy Eid”

**..*EID MUBARAK*..**
                                                                                                           ...Mohd saim...