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Clash of clans, if you want to check out my clan, search #9LGQGGOR and in your join request, Please write, ADD ME PARADOX.

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  • fayas deen
    by fayas deen 1 year ago
    please add me +94788064170
  • Brewster Leslie
    by Brewster Leslie 1 year ago
    This group is the best and I love to be a part of it. I buy essay papers cheap to know what other people say about these groups and by being a part of it I can know what everyone share.
  • Gurlal .
    by Gurlal . 1 year ago
    Thanks friend for visiting this website for learning english. We Wish u a happy life ahead !


    in E-√oicechat group we can share english :

    √oice messages.




    News articles.


    Inspirational thoughts.

    Our professional knowledge.

    Stories,poems,novels,plays,essays(may be our own)

    Grammar tips and word meanings.

    Our doubts about any english topic.

    Replies to our friends doubts.

    Riddles,cross word puzzles,scramble etc,

    GD topics like for ex -should alcohol be banned in the world? Why yes,Why no.

    Web links to english learning communties.

    Everything about english!!

    Our group-Our learning-Our pleasure!!

    Please :

    Be nice ,kind and welcoming to each other.

    Leave any religious /political/border issue/personal quarrel at home .

    FULL FREEDOM OF SPEECH -our friends are well educated and talented . we have full freedom of speech but enjoy this freedom with a little responsibility .
    if anyone posts vulgar content just ignore him
    But if he crosses all limits teach him a good lesson because ATTACK IS THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE !

    Are you interested ?

    Doors of this group are always open we will always welcome You
    please Join using this link anytime -

    Also join on this website and post your email adress or whatsapp number to receive very useful material to sharpen your english speaking skill.

    Connect to E-√oicechat facebook page and have a motivating english atmosphere around you at -