Idioms && Phrasal verbs

Idioms && Phrasal verbs

A phrasal verb or an idiom everyday
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This group will help you to improve your vocabulary, everyday you will learn by heart a new idiom or a phrasal verb thanks to many examples.

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  • Gurlal .
    by Gurlal . 2 months ago

    In E-√oicechat group we can share English :





    Nrws articles.


    Inspirational tgoughts.

    Riddles,crossword puzzles ,scramble etc.

    Grammar tips and word meanings.

    Stories,poems,novels,plays (may be our own)

    Our doubts about any english topic.

    Replies to our friends doubts.

    Web links to english sites.

    Everything about English !


    Be nice,kind and welcoming to one another.

    If you cant speak nice.
    Dont speak at all.

    The use of vulgar language will not be tolerated.leave any religeous /political/border issue/personal quarrel at home.

    Are you interested ?

    You are welcome !

    Please use this link to join :

    Also join on this website and post yout email account or whatsapp number to receive very useful material to sharpen your speaking skill.

    Connect to E-√oicechat facebook page to have a motivating atmosphere around you -
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