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In this group members can practice the speaking skills through skype. My skype id is Ashok Negidi

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  • Anwer Anwer
    by Anwer Anwer 1 year ago
    hello, can you please deltet my commnets because i put my phone number and now its not with me and the person who has the number was annoyed so please delete all my comments and delete my from the group so one can get the phone.

    i really appreciate that
  • Anwer Anwer
    by Anwer Anwer 1 year ago
    This is Anwar, i just created a WhatsApp group for practicing english. I usually don't add random people. There is a reason, and I think you know guys what is my objective for this group.
    If someone offend or insult someone, I’ll defiantly delete him or her.
    If some have grammatical errors that’s absolutely fine. We won’t learn if we do not make mistakes. We just need someone to correct his or her sentences. The correct way to say what they trying to say.

    SO, let’s focus on our purpose
    If someone genuinely interested, please send me on +966506968276
  • Rezgar islam
    by Rezgar islam 3 years ago
    hello guys my skype name is jyanishad i wait for you for practice speeking
  • hassin Rahmani
    by hassin Rahmani 3 years ago
    Add me
  • hassin Rahmani
    by hassin Rahmani 3 years ago
    Add me
  • Chakri N
    by Chakri N 4 years ago
    Dear Members, I am looking for PHD programme in HR through online. I strongly say that i will take the organizations problems in area of employees and will analyze where the employees are lacking and will give the proper conclusion so please refer me for your Org's.