is american airlines better than british airways and why

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kalia bond
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American airlines is an American airlines and it is the largest airlines in the world. It was founded in April 15, 1926. American airlines instituted in forth worth, Texas, united states. The slogan of the American airways is “the world's greatest flyers fly American.”

There are so many airlines which are better to their own who provide flights to passenger to travel all around the world. One of these airlines is British airlines. People ask about which airline is better between American airlines and British airlines. These both airlines have anti-trust released unified trade. These airlines provide fully flat seats, noise cancelling headphones, inflight power and etc. Why American airlines are better than British airways, reasons are following-

• American airways offers “fully flat seats" to their passengers along with the “Direct aisle access" but British airways doesn't provide.

• American airways do not charge any carrier surcharge on award flights but British airways does.

• In American airways lounges, service and tax charges on food and on other services are less than British airways.

• British Airways’ kit (amenities) looks like a small, sad sack, while American’s kit is a stylish, zippered bags.

• American airways also provides the IFE system and the Wi-Fi to the passengers but British airways doesn't.

• American airlines provides pyjamas to their business-class passengers and grey and blue with a V-neck but in British airways you will get only pyjamas in first class not in business class.

These were the reasons describing about why American airways are better than British airways.

If you're looking to reserve tickets in American airlines you may contact to the American airways reservation customer number.

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