TANK007 outdoor flashlights

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Harrytf Garry
Harrytf Garry
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Tactical flashlights, knives and other types of outdoor equipment are often loved by outdoor and survival enthusiasts because of their durability and high quality technical performance are improved. Unlike plastic or soft metal equipment, tactical outdoor tools are designed for long-term use and durability is recommended as a reliable alternative to a variety of outdoor activities. The new LED flashlight 2000LM from flashlight manufacturer is a tactical mini flashlight with a selection of features making it ideal for outdoor and survival activities. The pen flashlight including yellow light flashlight is equipped with a 3-mode zoomable light, thus allowing for flexible usage in different types of environments. The flashlight can be used for night-time exploration or for self-protection, and the adjustable light intensity offers a considerable degree of stealth for hunting or other purposes. The size of the flashlight is designed to minimize the impact of transport, making it ideal for easy carrying all types of terrain and weather. LED tactical flashlight weighing 65 grams, made of high quality aluminum alloy, with high portability, high impact resistance to bad weather and other factors. Due to its material properties, the flashlight can be used during heavy rain or heavy rain. All parts are completely waterproof. However, the flashlight is not designed for underwater use. This pocket flashlight is equipped with three key levels, allowing the adjustable range of lighting, making it a good choice for a variety of outdoor activities. It can be used for cycling, camping, hiking, hunting, ranging or exploring. The flashlight is currently available free of charge, transport fees not included. http://tank007store.com/, Related tips UV flashlight is commonly used now. DO you know : UV 365nm vs 395nm?

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